Beech Leaf Disease

Harmful Impact

Beech Leaf Disease is a relatively new disease impacting American Beech. In Michigan, the first confirmed site was identified in July 2022, in southern St. Clair County. BLD causes discoloration of the leaves, resulting in dark bands or stripes between the lateral veins of the leaves. This banding is made most apparent when looking up into the canopy. As BLD progresses, reduce bud production and premature leaf loss can occur, thinning the canopy. 

BLD is on the Michigan Invasive Species Watch List. While research about BLD is ongoing, little is known on how it spreads. It is important than that we identify and survey known stands of Beech trees to monitor the spread of BLD. 

How You Can Help

Identify and locate Beech trees located in your area. It could be a single tree in your yard, or a stand in a wooded area. 

Click on the link below and report any Beech trees found or any Beech trees you suspect may have BLD. These reports will help Friends of the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair CISMA monitor and track the progression of the disease. 

Beech Leaf Survey