Red Swamp Crayfish

Red Swamp Crayfish are an invasive non-native Michigan watch list species that can outcompete native species for food and habitat. Watch list species are those invasive species that have not yet been detected or have only recently been detected. Red Swamp Crayfish burrowing can cause damage to waterways and can degrade environmental conditions. This species has recently been detected in Shelby and Washington Townships and the Lake St. Clair CISMA is actively surveying and managing these areas. To learn more about Red Swamp Crayfish in Michigan, visit the Department of Natural Resources website.

2021 Red Swamp Crayfish Survey Efforts

The Lake St. Clair CISMA was awarded MISGP funding to perform Red Swamp Crayfish early detection, rapid response efforts this field season. Our focus will be prioritized in county drains, ponds, and lakes and a map of these locations is below. If you live in the Shelby and Washington Township area, we in the process of gathering landowner permissions for accessing sites to perform surveys and removal of these highly invasive crayfish. For more information contact McKenzi Waliczek at or 248-504-4315.