The best defense against invasive species is prevention. The longer an invasive species is allowed to grow and disperse without being reported, the larger its establishment will become and the higher the associated costs will be needed to control or eradicate. Visit the state of Michigan's invasive species watch list to see which species have been identified as posing an immediate or potential threat to Michigan's economy, environment or human health. These species either have never been confirmed in the wild in Michigan or have a limited known distribution. Follow the links below to learn more about how you can prevent invasive species introductions and spread.


Michigan's Invasive Species Watch List

Don’t Move Firewood

Clean Boats, Clean Waters

Michigan Clean Water Corps

Reduce Invasive Pet and Plant Escapes (RIPPLE)

Clean, Drain, Dry Initiative

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!

Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN)

Play. Clean. Go.