Partners & Volunteers

Partner with us

Interested in becoming a partner of the LSC CISMA? Partnerships are open to local governmental units (townships, cities, villages, county, etc.), non-profit organizations, volunteers, and/ or universities. Benefits to partners of the LSC CISMA include:

  • Involvement in projects funded through local, state, and federal initiatives

  • Free outreach, trainings, workshops, and presentations customized for target audiences

  • Access to outreach materials (brochures, posters, etc.)

  • Cost share treatments for Macomb County road right-of-ways

  • Assistance in conducting monitoring, surveys, treatment, restoration, events, and education

  • Current list of partners


Interested in becoming a CISMA volunteer? Join us and express your strengths! Volunteer opportunities can vary depending on your desires and range from helping learn how to identify, map, and control invasive species to providing education and outreach about invasive species and their impacts.

Contact your local CISMA Coordinator for more details on how to become a CISMA partner or volunteer: McKenzi Waliczek at or 248-504-4315.