Native Plants

Why Native Plants?

Benefits of planting native plants and restoring back to native landscapes include:

  • Creates stable ground cover and deep root systems

  • Provides pollinator resources throughout the growing season

  • Offers food and shelter for other wildlife

Native Plant Selection Basics:

Select native plants and/or seed mixes that are appropriate to the site and geographic area. Consider:

  • Appropriateness to ecosystem type and geographic area

  • Soil type and condition

  • Nutrient requirements

  • Drainage

  • Availability of appropriate plants and seed mixes (if not commercially available, you may need to consider transplanting from another site, harvesting your own seeds or selecting a seed mix that’s as close as possible to your area and ecosystem)

  • Your capacity and budget

  • Make sure your seed mixes don’t include other invasive plants! See the resources below for suggested native plant species and substitutions for common non-native garden plants.

Native Plant Resources